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Mike's expertise in residential electrical repair and installation ranges from repair of existing electrical fixtures to new installations to violation repair.

He has extensive experience with:
  • Installation of additional lighting (kitchen, bathrooms, basements, living spaces)
  • Replacement or repair of exterior electrical service to private residences
  • Repair of existing electrical fixtures, switches, outlets
  • Bringing electrical devices up to code
  • Electical upgrades - panels, switches, outlets, etc.
  • Violation repairs in prepation for sale or purchase of your home
  • Adding outlets to new locations and upgrading to GFCI where required
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Exterior outlet installation
  • Low-voltage network grounding blocks
  • Garage services
  • Grounds for new and existing outlets
  • Motion sensor lighting for security

Contact Mike at 440-446-9842 or .

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